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What's New in the Shops?

My current favourite is Craig Johnson with his "Longmire" series.  Now A&E has put it on TV, but don't settle for that:  the TV version is okay, but it's limp and boring compared to the books.  Give yourself a treat and check out the real thing.

Don't know what to choose for a friend?

What's New in the Shop?

A Trick of the Light
Our latest outing with Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache

Cold Dish
Craig Johnson's Walt Longmire

Stellar Mysteries

Calculating God

Multi-Genre Gems

Zorba the Greek

Greatest Moments in Cinema

Funny, stunning, amazing ... unforgettable moments

The Full Monty

Hysterical Humor

What books made me snort coffee and embarass myself on the bus?
What movies make me roll on the floor no matter how many times I've seen them?

A Highland Christmas

Best Seasonal Tales

Get in the mood for

Il Volo

Matchless Music

Uplifting, beautiful, fascinating, or all three

Microsft Access Database

The Sweetest Software

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