LehuaNet Cream of the Crop Shops: Ian Rankin Novels in Sequence
and Inspector Rebus Novels in Sequence

Early Non-Rebus Novels

The Flood, 1986

Watchman, 1988

Westwind, 1990

Witch Hunt, 1993
(as Jack Harvey)

Bleeding Hearts, 1994
(as Jack Harvey)

Blood Hunt, 1995
(as Jack Harvey)

Beggars Banquet, 2002


Inspector Rebus Novels

Knots and Crosses, 1987

Hide and Seek, 1991

A Good Hanging and Other Stories, 1992

Strip Jack, 1992

Wolfman, 1992D1C388
(Reissued as "Tooth and Nail" in 1998 -- see below)

The Black Book, 1993

Mortal Causes, 1994

Let It Bleed, 1995

Black and Blue, 1997

Death Is Not the End, 1998

The Hanging Garden, 1998

Tooth and Nail, 1998
(Originally published as "Wolfman" in 1992 -- see above)

Dead Souls, 1999

Set in Darkness, 2000

The Falls, 2001

Resurrection Men, 2002

A Question of Blood, 2003

Fleshmarket Close, 2004
aka Fleshmarket Alley

The Naming of the Dead, 2006

Exit Music, 2007




Post-Rebus Novels

Doors Open, 2008
Due in the U.S. Jan, 2010

Get it now from the U.K.

A Cool Head, 2009

Dark Entries, 2009


The Complaints, due in the U.K. Sept 2009



John Hannah

Rebus Set 1
Ken Stott

Rebus Set 2
Ken Stott

Rebus Set 3
Ken Stott

Not yet available:
St. Jude's Infirmary: This Will Be the Death of Us
Featuring vocals with Ian Rankin




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