LehuaNet Cream of the Crop Shops: Lindsey Davis's Falco in Sequence

The Silver Pigs, 1989

Shadows in Bronze, 1990

Venus in Copper, 1991

The Iron Hand of Mars, 1992

Poseidon's Gold, 1993

Last Act in Palmyra, 1994

Time to Depart, 1995

A Dying Light in Corduba, 1996

Three Hands in the Fountain, 1997

Two for the Lions, 1998

One Virgin Too Many, 1999

Ode to a Banker, 2000

A Body in the Bath House, 2001

The Jupiter Myth, 2002

The Accusers, 2003

Scandal Takes a Holiday, 2004

See Delphi and Die, 2005

Saturnalia, 2007

Alexandria, 2009







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