LehuaNet Cream of the Crop Shops: Multi-Genre Gems

Don't know what to choose for a friend?

   Funny, warm, and extremely provocative; life's big questions
wrapped in a superb story

Papert's curious combo of advanced degrees, computer engineering and child development, help him put the finger on what was -- and still is -- wrong with how we use computers

This remains the funniest book I have ever read

Deliciously mysterious

I would never have dreamed this topic would be such poetry; Pollan made me smell the pine, and feel the wind as we sat on the lodge pole and surveyed the world

With hindsight, there's no way I could consider myself truly educated if I hadn't read this book

    How to Raise a Dog in the City and in the Suburbs
Wonderfully funny, spot-on, and graced with Thurber's humorous illustrations

There's already so much to appreciate, and this adds depth to that

Banks's writing is always peculiar, but Kathryn totally won me over

This is the 3rd of the wonderful Dragonriders of Pern trilogy,
and very much my favourite

The first of the enchanting
Harper Hall trilogy (companion to
Dragon Riders of Pern), a series that offers additional magic to poetry or music lovers (and those who love itty-bitty personal dragons).

My very favourite of Andre Norton's tales (especially fun for cat lovers, too)

Filled with colour, this swept me
away as a young teen and remains a favourite



   Stunning cinematography, and the coffee shop scene between De Niro & Pacino is a masterpiece

As much fine art as story telling; surely its intelligence is what kept it from pop fame

The magic of these multi-discipline creators must be seen to be believed

A grown-up romance, heart-grabbing locales, and a lot of fun along the way

   Spielberg's consummate skill weaves wonder, friendship and courage into a matchless classic

Both haunting and funny, Crow Road is unique

Infinitely re-watchable

It's hard to imagine that we'll ever see the size of leap that the first episode took

Amazing and very moving

Bill and Coo
Filmed using actual birds -- mesmerizing

Even the adults get captivated

Featuring dancing by Savion Glover of Improvography, via motion capture technology





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